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Le Monde (FR) - Harp vs Harp
July 2019

"Grégoire Maret is the first class of Air France, champagne bubbles with a good dose of melancholy. And Edmar Castañeda is simply breathtaking. At his harp, he is an excellent bassist, guitarist, pianist at the same time. These two craftsmen establish an out-of-time dialogue, surprising, exciting."

WBGO  (US) - Harp vs Harp
June 2019

"Their rapport on the album suggests a precise antithesis of oppositional energies; you’ll rarely find a more harmonious pairing.” - Nate Chinen

The Guardian (GB) - Harp vs Harp
July 2019

"Blues-leaning harmonica star Grégoire Maret and guitar-like Colombian jazz harpist Edmar Castañeda stir Breezy, Pat Methenyesque swingers, ardent ballads, and deep-toned, slow tango.“

France Musique  (FR) - Harp vs Harp
July 2019

"A very strong connection.”

Marlbank (GB) - Harp vs Harp
July 2019

"You may well search hard and long but may probably never find two more virtuosic musicians deliver a new album in a set-up which is so very unusual. […] A pleasure from beginning to end.“

Jazziz  (US) - Harp vs Harp
July 2019

“Maret and Castañeda continue to innovate, exploring such themes as spirituality and nostalgia, expressing their shared love of Brazilian music and jazz, and showcasing their strong musical affinity.”

Dowmbeat (US) - Harp vs Harp
July 2019

"This concept shouldn't work - but it does!"

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